I don't give flowers very often - cut flowers from the florist will die within days, so, if I give flowers they are usually living flowers in a pot where they can grow and bloom for years.

Dry and wet Flowers

It's just a low slope over which the small stream falls before it flows into the reservoir. I was standing on relatively thick ice when I took these photos. The reservoir right behind me had an ice cover too, but I doubted that the ice could carry me, so I stayed close to the shore.

Small Waterfall behind a blue Ice Curtain

Once again it has been snowing yesterday, and although the roads have not been cleared of snow I thought I had to drive and search for some photo opportunities in the morning. North of my home town I saw two birds of prey sitting on top of a couple of birch trees aside the road.

Snowy Birch Trees

I think I should post the Ice photos I have taken in the past weeks, before the Winter is over and all ice has melted, although cool icicles might be even more interesting on a hot Summer day ;)

Green and Orange and White and Ice

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