I don't give flowers very often - cut flowers from the florist will die within days, so, if I give flowers they are usually living flowers in a pot where they can grow and bloom for years.

Dry and wet Flowers

But let's be honest, flowers look best outside in a garden or out in the wild. I wouldn't cut them for any reason. They should stay where they have decided to live.

Morning Dew on Flower

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and I take this opportunity to post a few leftover images from the past year. I have taken these photos during Spring and Summer at several locations near home or around my parent's house.

Macro of Fly on Yellow Flower


Sweet as the summer breeze
Bright as the summer sea,
Pure as the breath of flowers
Is the wish I wish to thee;
High as the heaven's blue arch,
Staunch as the woodland tree,
Sure as the spring time's coming,
Is the love I bear to thee.

by Annette Wynne

Yellow Flower Close-Up

The flower was still sleeping that morning, the closed blossom is covered by morning dew and nicely backlit by the early morning sun.

Closed Flower with Morning Dew

The bees have been awake for a while and are already busy collecting nectar from the flowers.

Little Bee on Yellow Wild Flower

Hearts Were Made to Give Away

Hearts were made to give away
On Valentine's good day;
Wrap them up in dainty white,
Send them off the thirteenth night.
Any kind of heart that's handy—
Hearts of lace, and hearts of candy,
Hearts all trimmed with ribbands fine
Send for good St. Valentine
Hearts were made to give away
On Valentine's dear day.

by Annette Wynne

Bee collecting Nectar on Yellow Flower

The bees haven't been the only ones searching for nectar on the flowers - thick and thin Hoverflies were having their breakfast in my parents flower garden.

Slim Hoverfly on Yellow Flower
Hoverfly on Yellow Flower

I haven't photographed many butterflies last year - this Lycaenidae Butterfly was on a Purple Flower in y parent's garden.

Lycaenidae Butterfly on Purple Flower

During a morning walk I have found a Bombus Pascuorum - the Bumblebee was collecting nectar from a clover blossom.

Bumblebee - Bombus Pascuorum - on Clover Blossom
That was all for today - I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day.

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