On January 2, 2021 it was slightly snowing here in town in the valley and I thought I might have a good time driving on a mountain road where I haven't been for quite a while.

Snow on the mountain - Snowy forest and Cabin

So, I took my photography gear and drove towards west and later over the "Windische Höhe" pass. When I arrived at the Farchtensee, which is a little mountain lake next to the pass road, it began to snow more and a bit later I could take the following photos in style "white on white with some shadows" ;)

I know, there's not much to see in the photos, but I quite like this kind of images. Converting the anyway almost monochrome photos to Black & White made them look even better in my eyes.

Snow at the Farchtensee

Above you can see a double christmas tree - beautiful, but a little bit too high for any home, I believe ;)

A cool looking tree photographed from different angles or zoomed in. You might recognize a hunters seat on the left side between the branches.

Snowy tree at the Farchtensee   Snowy tree at the Farchtensee
Snowy tree at the Farchtensee   Snowy tree at the Farchtensee

So, this was all for my first blog post in 2021 and I hope you like my photos a little bit.

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