It's my kids 18th birthday today. Now you may ask "why are you posting on such a day?" and you might also ask "what has this to do with the title 'Fighting Gods'?"

Well, from the early morning on they have had Well-wishers visiting us, mostly family. The answer to your first question would be "I take advantage of a little break while we wait for my niece who comes from Lower Austria to make some replies and a post".

She had to wait for the result of a Corona test she had to make because one of her colleagues was tested positive. Her test was negative, so she could head towards Carinthia. Today is her birthday too, so we will have 3 birthday kids at home today. Well, when you see this post it will be evening here and she will already be gone to her own family here in Carinthia.

On the right side you can see what I didn't see ;)
Fighting Gods - Sun Dog

The answer to the second question is a little different.
Yesterday evening I was on the mountain where I photographed the Golden Hour in the Mountains photos of my contribution to the @Qurator's Photo Quest "Golden Hour". I wished I had not been so much fixated on the setting sun, because the phenomenon to the right of the sun has certainly been much more intense a while before I took notice of it.

So, long story short, to me it looked like a brightly shining boomerang which was thrown on something that glowed like a rainbow when hit. "Fighting Gods" I thought, and since I love my kids like little gods and they have always been fighting, this is the answer to the second question.

When then I saw the Halo it was almost gone
Fighting Gods - Sun Dog

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