The best of the photos, which are shown here in low resolution because of the long load times, can be found in the photo gallery / photography in better resolution.

Sunrise at the Lake Wörthersee

  • Published: Sunday, March 01 2020 17:58
Lake Wörthersee at Sunrise

In the east and on the horizon behind the mountains, where the sun was just about to rise, the clouds shone golden as you usually see it at sunsets, while the rest of the sky and the clouds were still colored in the pink and slight purple of the blue hour before sunrise.

Before I packed my stuff and continued my trip around the lake, I quickly took a few photos with the 70-200mm telephoto lens.

Fog & Frost

  • Published: Friday, February 28 2020 06:02
Fog & Frost

Frozen trees and fog at the lake ... these photos are my personal favorites this winter.


The 12th of January 2020 was the only day this winter on which I was able to experience beautiful frost and fog at a lake. Therefore, these photos are among my absolute favorite pictures.



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