After a quite busy week with not a lot of sunshine I want to share some of the photos I have taken since last weekend ... there haven't been many though and most you are going to see are clouds and flowers.

Storm Clouds over the Mountain

Last Thursday, it was raining till the late afternoon, but at about 3 pm I decided to not wait any longer and to drive by car to my parents house for my first hike in 2021, instead of riding my motorbike. Because after packing my backpack the third time I had enough of waiting.

Hiking, Wild Camping & Alpenglow : first rest with Waterfall view

I have taken the images in the beginning of April during a relaxing morning walk at the reservoir after a busy week. It was a quiet morning and a little bit foggy, so the rising sun let the foggy air in the distance glow golden.

Light at the end of the Tunnel

I have found it on the other side, but it seems the Spring cannot swim. This must be why it's still more wintry here on my side of the river ❄️

Springtime: New growth on the other side of the River

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